TMA provides Import and Export, Gas and Electricity Suppliers and Other Users with access to their smart meter portfolios via the Data Communications Company (DCC).  With TMA’s Shared Services Platform, users can take advantage of mature Business Orchestrations via a fully hosted service


TMA have supported Suppliers with their Smart Metering obligations since going live with these services in 2017.  The main aim being to provide full access to all DCC services without the need for Suppliers to implement and maintain a large IT project.

TMA are a Shared Resource Provider and annually complete their audit with the CIO to uphold this status.

The TMA Way

TMA’s approach is to use technology and experience to develop and enhance standard industry processes in the complex world of smart metering. TMA’s Shared Service is a fully hosted service with TMA taking on the management and delivery of continual improvement and functionality releases with new DUIS versions as they are provided by the DCC.

TMA support import and export configurations and in both credit and prepayment mode.

The Components of Shared Services

TMA utilise the CGI Adapter to interface with the Smart Meter Key Infrastructure (SMKI), perform encryption and decryption functions, operate Parse and Correlate and send and receive communications with DCC enrolled Smart meters.

As part of this service TMA provide a Business Orchestration Layer to send and receive a series of co-ordinated Service Requests to devices in order to complete a business process by sending TMA a single message. TMA offer all interactions via our API and web portal as part of our services ensuring that no matter the size of the Supplier or Service User, full access to all services is available.

Some of our Orchestrations:
  • Install and Commission
  • CoS Gain
  • CoS Loss
  • Decommission
  • Top Up
  • Update Tariff
  • Change of Tenancy


Why TMA?

TMA’s Shared Service solution provides Suppliers and Service Users with a turnkey, low cost, low risk option with on boarding and on to BAU activities.  TMA seek to undertake many of the tasks involved on behalf of users resulting in reduced operational requirements from users.  TMA prides itself in guiding users through all processes, this includes:

Setup Services
  • Connection Set Up
  • SREPT and UEPT
  • SMKI User requirements
  • CIO Audit Assistance
BAU Services
  • Certificate Management
  • Firmware Management
  • Device management
  • Storage of Configurations
  • Error Handling
  • Exception Handling
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