Data Visualisation

MeterPower is TMA’s Data Visualisation platform where half-hourly data can be published, viewed and downloaded.  This service has been in operation since 2000 and is used by several large organisations and end consumers to manage and view their data and gain an understanding on their energy usage.

The TMA Way

We know that one size never fits all and that is why Meterpower is customisable and can be branded to individual client or consumer requirements.  It also accommodates groupings under large organisations by allowing access to groups of meters, say by region or other groupings, depending on the user’s preference.

Data can be viewed in tables, graphically or downloaded for input into in-house systems.  There are comparison features and users can also define a set of parameters for automatic alarm generation. Meterpower also has the optional facility for users to independently verify bill accuracy.

Why TMA?

Data transfers directly from our in house Data Retrieval system and publishes straight to Meterpower. Alternatively, settlement data can be available, as processed from our Half-Hourly systems. There is no manipulation of data required or further formatting and Meterpower can handle both import and export Half-Hourly data.


Meterpower is available to licence with TMA hosting the platform for end users, or available in conjunction with our Data Retrieval or Half-Hourly systems.  Just provide us with your logos and we will do the rest.


For further information on our Data Visualisation services please send your enquiry using the Contact option or email where one our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.