Field Services

TMA provides a range of Field Services to our Suppliers including manual meter reading services for Gas and Non Half Hourly Electricity; Electricity and Gas Site Safety Visits; and Half Hourly Manual Downloads.  TMA can ensure that the right visits are carried out at the right time by implementing our Dynamic Reading Cycle


Where local, on-site data retrieval is required, for both HH and NHH settled electricity and gas meters, our team of trained meter reading agents use our own in-house TMA applications to record register reads or to download half hourly interval data.  TMA applications link directly to back end systems for seamless and immediate transfer of data into our main systems and to industry data flows.  During all full-access visits, our meter reading agents carry out a 5 point safety inspection ensuring that any safety concerns are passed to service users as quickly as possible.


With 99% coverage of the UK mainland, the TMA proposition for Field Services is highly competitive and is designed to achieve optimal results for our service users.

The TMA Way

Energy Suppliers are often forced to have their full portfolios on a routine read cycle with no consideration to the results; for instance, the consumer is regularly providing valid reads, refusing access, or another error where the reads have been submitted but are not used in settlement.

TMA have developed a Dynamic Read Cycle so that we can identify, organise and prioritise domestic, SME and I&C visits based on unique service user requirements and settlement performance.  This ensures that the sites which genuinely require a read are visited at the right time therefore reducing unnecessary visits and consumer refused access.

Why TMA?

These services complement our DC and DA services and with seamless data transfer from field to DC, data is transferred and processed in quick succession.  Also with TMA taking control of scheduling and having visibility of settlement performance, we can optimise routing and settlement performance.


With technology at the heart of everything that we do, why not find out how we can support your business with our options of technology licences and implementation support, which can be found here?

COVID-19 Update

We confirm we have complied with the government guidance for managing the spread of COVID-19.


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