market-wide half hourly

TMA are building on their market leading software suite in preparation for Market-Wide Half Hourly Settlement. TMA currently manage hundreds of thousands of Elective Half Hourly sites and are taking advantage of all their experience and knowledge which will be needed for this new system


TMA are fully engaged in the upcoming Market-Wide Half Hourly Settlement mandate and are in the process of building the new systems required to support Market-Wide Half Hourly Settlement utilising the years of experience we have gained from being in the energy market since 1998 and from our own in-house system suite which has enjoyed years of clean audits in the annual Elexon routines.

TMA currently manages hundreds of thousands of domestic sites where Suppliers want to realise the benefits of Elective Half Hourly Settlement well in advance of the Ofgem mandate, currently due to be completed by the end of 2026.

The TMA Way

By utilising TMA’s Shared Services Platform, data from DCC-enrolled smart meters can transfer automatically to our Processing Service (Smart) (PSS) without Supplier intervention.  But don’t worry, even if Suppliers have their own Adapter, another Shared Resource Provider or alternative route to Half Hourly data, TMA can receive the interval data in the D0379 format via the DTN or other agreed means, enabling the site to be settled Half Hourly.

Additionally, with the increase in market size from HHDC to the Advanced Data Service (ADS), TMA are enhancing and adapting our highly automated system suite in order to be able to handle the changes required with the ADS.

TMA will also be offering migration support to all service users, whether that be Data Collectors who utilise our systems or Suppliers who utilise our services.  Using our services in advance of MHHS will provide for a seamless transition to the new world with all the support required to do this successfully.

Why TMA?

TMA prides itself in exceptional supplier services and this is achieved through our best in class systems, highly skilled data analysts and experienced customer support teams.

We are flexible in all of our services and system offerings and want to ensure that every customer of TMA is getting the right level of support in a highly complex market.


As with our current flexible license options, TMA will continue to offer the same variety with Market-Wide Half Hourly whilst also supporting customers through the complex process of becoming qualified in the various roles.

Don’t want to host the systems in-house? No problem, TMA offer a variety or hosting options tailored to each Supplier’s individual requirements.

Don’t want to operate the systems using in-house staff? No problem, TMA operational staff can operate the systems on your behalf and take ownership of all Elexon obligations, including qualification and annual audits.


To find out more about our Market-Wide Half Hourly Settlement offerings, contact our Commercial Team here.