Covid-19 Documentation

We confirm we have complied with the government guidance for managing the spread of COVID-19, specifically:

  • We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and shared the results with the people who work at TMA and relative suppliers and third parties
  • We have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with government guidance
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to help people work from home
  • Where people cannot be 2m apart, we have done everything practical to manage transmission risk

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Retrieving data from metering systems and processing for customer requirements. We retrieve data from Electricity (HH and NHH) meters, Water meters and Gas metering systems. Communications methodologies include: GPRS, GSM, PSTN, Paknet, SMS and IP.

Field Services & Data Retrieval

Our Data Retrieval system is called Meter Data Retrieval (MDR). MDR is a system that enables users to remotely retrieve data from Electricity meters – interval & non-interval meters – Gas meters and Water meters. The system provides for attended and unattended remote data retrieval from meters.

MDR is used by ourselves to dial many tens of thousands of metering systems every night, working automatically and unattended. As well as using MDR, we have licensed this and other TMA applications to other major users.

Where local data retrieval is required, our team of field services agents use handheld devices linked into our systems for seamless transfer of data into MDR.

TMA provide a range of Field Services to our Suppliers including Electricity and Gas Site Safety Visits for both Half Hourly and Non Half Hourly Sites, Manual Meter reading services for Non Half Hourly and Manual Downloads for Half Hourly.

TMA provide a nationwide service using our own dedicated field staff. The TMA proposition for field services is very competitive and is focused on achieving optimal results for our customers.

We have a growing team of experienced meter readers located around the UK who are fully trained on how to carry out a Site Safety Inspection and how to take reads.

TMA are Qualified by Elexon as a Meter Operator.

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