TMA are Qualified by Elexon as a Party Agent to provide Data Collection services to electricity Suppliers trading in the regulated GB market. Data Collectors collect data, either by site visit or using remote communications, validate data, estimate where necessary and process into the correct formats.

Data Collection

Data Collection provides data for Supplier billing, Settlements, Distribution Use of System (DUOS) billing, can be provided to end User customers online for energy management purposes and Data for Data Aggregators to enter into Settlements.

TMA specialise in providing services for Gas and Electricity Suppliers. We have quite a varied portfolio, from small specialist Suppliers to large domestic, prepayment only and larger Industrial and Commercial portfolios.

As part of the service Suppliers have their own Contract Manager and Business Analyst Team to help with the day to day operation and performance monitoring.

Services include additional data management support and business process analysis support services to empower Supplier billing and Settlement performance. We provide specialist services for real time data feeds and analysis to support high value energy trading activities. Some services are bespoketo client requirements.

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