Accredited by Elexon as a Party Agent to provide Data Aggregation services to electricity Suppliers trading in the regulated GB market. Data Aggregators aggregate data to be submitted into Settlements so that accurate values of what a Supplier’s customers have “taken” is allocated to the correct Supplier- to enable the accurate billing of that Supplier for the energy their customers have used.

Data Aggregation

TMA takes ownership of the exceptions in Suppliers’ portfolios. We practice active data management that involves not only the capture and identification of exceptions but also taking action to resolve these.

TMA’s approach to identifying and actively managing exceptions delivers high standards of performance in metering services for Suppliers. We aim to provide a single method of managing the performance across the portfolio. Reporting based on views of performance of MPANs within the portfolio as seen from the perspective of the Data Aggregator has four key benefits:

  1. The view of the Data Aggregator is independent; it is an independent view of what data the Supplier and DC hold;
  2. The data is factually relevant in Settlement; this is what the Supplier will be billed on for Settlement and DUOS charges;
  3. Settlement is based on the data output from DA and that is the end of the process: if data is correct and available in Settlement, it is also correct and available for billing and all other purposes;
  4. There are crucial details which can only be seen for the DA standpoint and perspective.

HHDA and NHHDA Toolset

These applications are for Non Half Hourly Data and Half Hourly Aggregation and used to enable Suppliers to better understand the performance of their portfolios.

Feature rich, this toolset has been successfully used to boost the performance of entire Supplier portfolios; for Meter reading; data processing for billing; Settlement performance; managing NHHDC and HHDC performance; managing registration (Gains/customer capture) performance; and controlling Data Retriever performance.

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