Energy is a central part of the working and domestic life of the country. As energy resources continue to be under increasing pressure from growing demand, fuel scarcity, high raw material costs, regional political instability and increasing demands for lower emissions,we see the requirements for ever higher data management standards and ongoing technical innovation expanding continuously.

The pressure to produce, distribute and use energy more efficiently and for all firms involved in the supply chain to operate more efficiently seems likely to get more and more intense. TMA plans to empower our clients to be at the leading edge of meeting the challenges the future holds for us all.

TMA has the skills, the track record and the capability to deliver solutions that empower. We value, above all,our unparalleled reputation for excellence – and we plan to build and build that reputation, by focusing on deliveryfor our customers.

The introduction of the DCC and Smart Metering represents the largest change to the Energy industry since the introduction of competitive markets in the 1990s. Opportunities for efficiency and excellent customer services are arising from this development – as are opportunities for innovation and differentiation. TMA are at the heart of the DCC development and provide users with the opportunity to make full use of the DCC without having to engage in major IT development – TMA offer a turnkey solution.

The pressure on standards, efficiency and cost saving will grow and grow. The pressure to do more for customers for less will continue. Competition is intensifying; DCC is just the start of the Smart Energy revolution to come.

TMA plan to stay at the heart of these developments; and to continue to support our customers being best in class in this rapidly changing world.