TMA was established in 1987 as an IT and Management Consultancy business. Our head office is in Kingston Upon Thames and our operational hub is based in Scotland.

The company’s main activities are in Data Management, information provision and the use of Information Systems to provide competitive advantage to our customers.

We have been an Elexon Qualified Agent since 2006, providing Party Agent services to Suppliers trading in the Non Half Hourly and Half Hourly electricity markets and meter reading services in the Gas market. We provide a range of Settlement services which include:

  • Half Hourly Data Collection and Aggregation (HHDC & HHDA; Non Half Hourly Data Collection and Aggregation (NHHDC & NHHDA)
  • HHDC/DA as a service for Bglobal (BMET) and G4S (ACCU)
  • TMA’s data retrieval system – Meter Data Retrieval (MDR) providing remote data retrieval services for metering with remote communications facilities.
TMA Pylon

Our services include software, database and system development; providing application support; providing Data Management services; and providing Disaster Recovery services. TMA license our Information Systems and major applications to other Suppliers.

TMA are committed to providing an exemplary level of service to all of our customers and are always looking for innovative ways to improve the efficiency of this information in line with technological advances.The combination of Industry and Technological expertise allow us to provide specialist services such as:

  • Real Time metering for high value energy sites and energy trading
  • Online data viewing services (Meterpower)

As part of the service Customers have their own Contract Manager and Business Analyst Team to help with the day to day operation and performance monitoring.

Our senior staff work closely with OFGEM, Elexon and The Smart Energy Code Company and engage on committee work – with a special focus on industry change and development in order to provide industry expert knowledge to our customers as part of our services proposition.

We pride ourselves on providing a bespoke and personalised service to our customers and work with them to support their company goals.